Nashville, TN Payday Loan Alternative

Nashville is considered the “Country Music Capitol of the World.” It is home to The Grand Ole Opry, Southern Plantations, and awesome cuisine. The city also boasts a significant amount of payday loan lenders, with over 1,000 payday loan stores across the state of Tennessee. Payday loans are a big part of the state of Tennessee as personal debt is a serious issue affecting many of the citizens who reside here. Because payday loans don’t typically require credit checks and often provide funds quickly, borrowers commonly turn to them when they need emergency cash. Although this is the case, many people don’t see that payday loans are a bad choice as they put you in a tougher financial situation in the long run.

When you are taking a short-sighted perspective, it is easy to see how payday loans are so attractive. You can very easily obtain the money you need now, and then you pay it back later. But what many borrowers fail to realize is that by paying back the loan when they receive their next paycheck often leaves them with little funds to manage their regular expenses. They may end up having to take out another loan, or may have to extend the length of their initial loan. Extending loans typically comes with additional fees, and if loans are rolled over multiple times, these fees quickly add up and surmount the total loan cost to an amount much higher than the initial amount borrowed. Because of this, many have come to consider payday loans “a trap.” But what other options do Nashville residents have?

An Alternative to Payday Loans

Payday loans are not the only solution. An alternative to payday loans is an installment loan from MaxLend. You can qualify for up to $3,750. Rather than having a short repayment window and a loan that needs to be repaid in full, loans from Maxlend are paid back over time in installments – which leaves you with enough cash flow to continue paying your regular expenses. The application process is simple and fast. You just need to go online to complete the application that only takes minutes. A friendly representative from MaxLend will give you a call to verify the information you put on the application and once approved, you can see the funds deposited as soon as the next business day.

What are the requirements?

The requirements for a loan with MaxLend are minimal. Basic requirements include that you must be a citizen of the country, be 18 years of age or older, and have a verifiable source of income. A valid checking account that meets “minimum open duration requirements” is required. You cannot be in any state of bankruptcy or be considering applying for bankruptcy. MaxLend does not extend loans to active duty military, their spouses or dependents.

We Can Help

MaxLend is a much better alternative to payday loans. Getting a loan with an affordable repayment option is a big step towards getting out of debt as well as getting a grasp on your financial needs. Learn more and apply today!

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